LIC | Alicia Riley

Alicia Riley

Bachelor of Science (Massey University)

I have 6 years’ experience as a dairy farm consultant. I started out as a consulting officer for DairyNZ in Coastal Taranaki , a role I held for four years. Overseas beckoned and after a move to the UK, I began my work as a private consultant for LIC UK. I worked with pasture-based farmers with a focus on helping them to achieve more sustainable, profitable systems. I am excited to be back working back in Taranaki and look forward to meeting and working with farmers to achieve their goals.

I strongly believe that maximising pasture production and utilisation is the foundation of profitable dairying. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to analyse and improve your dairying system. I tend to run a whole farm system approach, I like to understand your goals and farm business before giving advice. 

I have a broad range of knowledge but my areas of specialty include:

  • Strategic Pplanning – setting farm, financial and personal goals and working towards achieving them
  • Feed budgeting, pasture management and profitable use of supplements
  • Financial budgeting – setting targets, monitoring and analysing
  • Reproductive analysis – achieving a tight calving pattern and low empty rate
  • Day to day management advice

If you would like to look at opportunities in your farming business, with evidence based advice, please give me a call and we can arrange a free no obligation visit.


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