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23 Feb 2017 Harness the power of genetic gain
In this article, Malcolm Ellis, commercial dairy farmer and LIC GM NZ Markets, makes some interesting observations based on his past 26 years in dairying –but he points out the coming 26 years may demand quite a different approach among farmers striving for continued success.

16 Sep 2016 Latest industry performance trends and their implications
In seasonal dairy herds, mating is the one chance we get each year to advance our herds’ reproductive performance. There are financial and herd improvement benefits of lifting herd 6-week in-calf rate and minimising empty rate and the wastage it causes. We’ve been looking at industry performance over the last 3 years using herds with detailed Fertility Focus Reports® (FFR) in MINDA® and we’d like to update you on the results of the trends analysis.


08 Sep 2016 Growing Heifers
Well-grown heifers are a good investment in herd improvement.

Studies show well-grown heifers can produce more milk, get back in calf quicker and last longer in the milking herd when compared to heifers that suffer growth checks during early life.


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