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Heat Detection

Good heat detection helps you get:

  • more cows in calf quicker
  • a tighter calving spread 
  • more days in milk

"The best heat detection results are achieved by combining paddock observations with heat detection aids such as tailpaint and heat mount detectors" - DairyNZ InCalf Book.

On average dairy cows will cycle every 21 days, so the cost of just one missed heat at today’s milk price is $189.00*

LIC offers the following heat detection products. You can order these through your local FSM or via Webshop.


Heat Detection Products

All prices exclude GST.

LIC Bulls-i®


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Bulls-i are our most cost effective form of heat detection aid. The silver layer is removed when mating activity occurs to reveal a fluorescent colour.

  • Self-adhesive – no glue required
  • Easy to spot
  • Available in five colours – red, yellow, pink, green, blue
  • Available in packets of 100

Price: $1.60 each

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How to apply Heat Detection Aids


LIC Heat Patch

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The LIC Heat Patch heat detection aid uses pressure from a standing heat causing the central chamber to release a bright dye, that spreads through the chamber to indicate a heat

  • Self-adhesive – no glue required
  • Highly accurate
  • Easy to interpret
  • Available in 2 colours 
  • Available in packs of 100


  • $2.50 (1000)
  • $2.40 (1001-3000)
  • $2.25 (3001+)


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How to apply Heat Detection Aids



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