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 2010 - Present

  • EZ Link EID launched - an EID solution to make herd testing quicker and easier.
  • LIC purchases a Waikato dairy farm to be centre of innovation – the LIC Innovation Farm.
  • Limited release of EZ Heat for rotary farm dairies.
  • New PHD Studentship Programme launched to identify potential successors for key science roles within LIC.
  • International herd recording launched. LIC teams up with FarmWizard to provide a herd recording and management tool for international pasture-based dairy farmers.
  • Long Last Liquid (LLL) sexed semen technology trial begins in the Waikato.
  • Reproductive Solutions Project launched to help improve reproductive performance for the country’s dairy farmers.


  • Billion dollar Sire Proving Scheme celebrated at Fieldays. The Prime Minister, Rt Hon John Key officiates at the launch of the anniversary held at National Fieldays in Hamilton. 
  • LIC Premier Sire, Holstein Friesian, Zinks LM Porter awarded the Mahoe Trophy for 2011.
  • Record result announced for 2010/2011 year. LIC revenue $166 million, 21.4% ahead of the $136 million achieved during the downturn year of 2009/2010, and 10.2% better than the $151 million recorded in 2008/2009.
  • LIC Chairman, Stuart Bay, announces his retirement, in June 2012. Murray King, is named Chairman-designate.
  • Research project identifies the gene that makes cows tall or short.
  • David Hemara appointed Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr Richard Spelman appointed General Manager Research & Development
  • MINDA Milk, LIC's first web-based farm information product launched to provide electronic herd test results with all the analysis done too.
  • LIC and CRV AmBreed agree to share genotypes of bulls to further improve genomic predictions
  • LIC and Liberty Genetics and a group of breeders reach a settlement that validates LIC Service Rules and its IP protection clauses, following legal proceedings for breaches of Clause 62 in LIC's Service Rules.


  • Howies Checkpoint, the biggest leap forward in dairy genetics for 40 years was launched to market
  • MINDA Land & Feed Basic, a web-based pasture management tool launched as part of the MINDA on the Web suite
  • Farmers who used genomic technology from LIC in 2008 and 2009 receive a credit for the premium they paid in those years, totalling $4.7million.
  • Billion Dollar Scheme book launched, celebrating 50 years of sire proving
  • LIC become accredited NAIT information provider
  • New Protrack Drafter farm automation system launched, with LIC's first mobile application to remotely scheduling drafts on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.
  • New directors elected to LIC board - David Jensen and Gray Baldwin
  • LIC and DairyNZ announce change in management of dairy industry animal database
  • MINDA Weights, a new web-based tool to make monitoring young stock easier launched as part of the MINDA on the Web suite
  • First polled Holstein Friesian, Poll Axe, joins LIC bull team
  • Sexed semen trial achieves near normal conception rates




  • LIC launches industry collaboration to improve reproductive performance of dairy herds, known as the ‘6 week challenge’
  • The LIC Board appoints Wayne McNee, previously Director General of the Ministry of Primary Industries to be LIC’s CEO on the resignation of Mark Dewdney who held the position for six years.
  • LIC launches range of training modules for dairy farmer users of its products – from the classroom, to tailored one-on-one and eLearning modules.
  • LIC’s multi-million dollar investment in genomic research enables the discovery of one cause of small calves born in Holstein Friesian herds for several decades.  All LIC bulls are screened for the genetic defect.
  • Calving App launched making it easier than ever for farmers to record calvings, as they happen.
  • The breed stain is removed from Long Last Liquid (LLL) semen diluent, after it is found to have a small impact on Non Return Rate. All LLL straws are now yellow. 
  • New online learning centre launched for LIC farmers at
  • Webshop added to LIC website, allowing farmers to order tags and other items online
  • LIC and DairyNZ signed a formal agreement setting out the terms of the transfer of the Core Database from LIC and the licensing of LIC's Intellectual property to DairyNZ
  • MINDA Lookup app launched, allowing farmers to access information in their MINDA records from their smartphone
  • LIC scientists discover one cause of loss of calves through pregnancy. The genetic variation is known as Fertility 1.


  • LIC purchased the assets and business of Waikato-based Dairy Automation Limited (DAL). 
  • DNA parentage service achieves significant milestone, with 1 million animals screened by the GeneMark laboratory
  • LIC scientists discover genetic variations which impact milk composition in dairy cows, known as AGPAT6
  • LIC launches new strategy with the goal of delivering service and solutions for farmers that will enable LIC to be a $1billion revenue co-operative by 2025.
  • MINDA Labs launched - a new area at which allows farmers to test out new farm technologies before they are launched and provide feedback.
  • MINDA Pasture app launched, allowing farmers to record pasture covers on their smartphone during their farm walk. The information is automatically uploaded to MINDA Land & Feed to be viewed as a feed wedge.
  • Automated heat detection system launched - Protrack EZ Heat.
  • LIC sires named best of season from Jersey and Holstein-Friesian breed societies - Willand SIA Duetto (Jersey New Zealand JT Thwaites Sire of the Season) and Hazael Dauntless Freedom (Holstein-Friesian New Zealand Mahoe Trophy).
  • Breakthrough in short gestation breeding programme, with two Hereford calves born 30 days early - naturally and healthy.
  • Strategic partnership formed with Figured, cloud-based farm accounting software firm and Xero partner.
  • LIC purchases the majority share of Brazilian genetics distributor; new joint venture entity named LIC NZBrasil.
  • LIC confirms merger of farm automation and milking sensor businesses (Protrack and DAL) to deliver more integrated technology and meet demand from farmers.
  • LIC scientists isolate a hairy genetic mutation and discover a variation in a Caribbean breed of cattle that allows them to tolerate high temperatures - paving the way to breed cattle that will maintain high milk production in tropical conditions.




  • The final collection is taken from KiwiCross sire 508077 Howies Checkpoint, accounting for a total 866,480 inseminations since the 2011/2012 season, Checkpoint created more than 93,000 daughters for the national herd.
  • LIC forms strategic partnership with world-leading dairy cattle management and monitoring systems provider, SCR. The partnership includes a distribution agreement whereby SCR will distribute DAL milking sensors internationally and LIC will distribute SCR’s cow reproduction and health monitoring system, Heatime®.

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