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 1970 - 1989

  • Herd Improvement Department of NZ Dairy Board renamed the Farm Production Division.
  • Number of inseminations from proven Holstein-Friesians first exceeds that of Jerseys.
  • 'Estimated Genetic Value' introduced for all bull proofs. All cow herdmates used on comparison.

  • First unregistered Jerseys and Holstein-Friesians bulls used in Sire Proving Scheme.

  • Rediluted deep-frozen semen used.
  • First Breed Association nominations of bulls for progeny testing.
  • First Charolais added to artificial breeding team.

  • Conformation Survey for three year olds introduced.

  • Breeding Index (BI) replaces Sire Survey ratings.
  • Frozen semen first produced in 0.25ml plastic straws.
  • Contract mating to breed bulls for Sire Proving Scheme begins.
  • Conformation Survey for Sire Proving Scheme begins.
  • LIC bulls used for international trial (FAO) carried out in Poland.

  • Federation of LIC Associations formed to coordinate activities of the six LIC Associations.
  • 'Do it yourself' artificial breeding introduced by LIC Association.o New traits other than production reported for Sire Proving Herds.
  • Somatic Cell Counting service for individual cows established.

  • Introduction of the Self Sample Herd Testing Service with samples tested in six Regional testing laboratories.

  • Conformation survey extended to all Sire Proving Scheme two year olds.

  • Improved traits other than production reported for Sire Proving herds.
  • Conformation indexes introduced.

  • Development of the national database begun by Farm Production Division and the six LIC Associations.
  • Yellow Notebook introduced.

  • Danish Jersey bulls used in Sire Proving Scheme to compare genetic merit between countries.
  • Number of Consulting Officers now totals 22.

  • Opening of Dairy Improvement Centre at Newstead.
  • Easier calving Holstein-Friesians available.

  • Introduction of the Self Sample Assist Herd Testing service.

  • Formation of NZ Dairy Board LIC Division combining the activities of the Farm Production Division and six LIC Associations.
  • Canadian and New Zealand genotype/environment trial beings.

  • Sire Proving Scheme expanded to include 70,000 cows.
  • National Milk Analysis Centre established with regional testing laboratories phased out over two years.
  • National Data Management facility established at Newstead with six regional operations phased out.
  • National Dairy Herd Database operational.
  • MINDA (Management Information for Dairy Animals) service developed and introduced.

  • Payment and Protein Breeding Indexes calculated.

  • National Traits Other than Production (TOP) introduced.
  • Total Breeding Index calculated.
  • Formation of LIC Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of the NZ Dairy Board. Six LIC Associations wound up.
  • Protein testing introduced to herd testing service.
  • World first - Long-Last liquid (LLL) semen introduced.

  • Animal Register and a comprehensive set of MINDA optional reports introduced.
  • FarmWise Consultancy service commenced, providing individualised farm consultancy services to New Zealand dairy farmers.

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