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 1990 - 1999

  • Number of Consulting Officers totals 27.

  • 50 millionth dose of bovine semen produced at the Newstead campus.
  • Introduction of Animal Location Transfer Certificates.
  • DairyMAN, farm based PC software introduced in conjunction with Massey University.

  • Two million cows inseminated with LIC semen in one season.
  • Macdonald Committee reviews herd testing and related matters and finds in favour of LIC, owned and operated by farmers, should optimise genetic gain, own and operate the National database and that herd testing should remain a regulated activity.

  • LIC and Holland Genetics form alliance to progeny test bulls, undertake research and development and provide a semen agency.

  • First crop of Holland Genetics/LIC joint venture bulls born.
  • Introduction of the Emergency Somatic Cell Count Only service.
  • DNA parentage verification of all Sire Proving Scheme bulls begins.
  • Consolidation of LIC and NZ Dairy Board mainframe computer onto LIC Newstead mainframe.

  • LIC's Sire Proving Scheme increases to 235 bulls per annum involving 105,000 cows.
  • Feilding farm purchased for bull lay-off.
  • Introduction of the part Herd Somatic Cell Count service.
  • New Animal Evaluation system introduced to improve selection accuracy and rate of genetic gain.
  • Breeding Worth (BW) for both sires and cows introduced, superseding Total Breeding Index (BI) for sires. For the first time genetic evaluations (Production Worth (PI), Lactation Worth (LI) and BW) fully comparable for all breeds and crosses.
  • EBL control scheme introduced - the first example of a disease traceability system using herd test milk samples and the Livestock Improvement national database.
  • Holstein-Friesian 'Forward Pack' bulls introduced to the PREMIER SIRES team based on early lactation information.
  • Establishment of Liaison Farmer/National Council network
  • New representative structure established with nine regions each with four wards. Ward representatives form a National Council responsible for the strategic direction and monitoring performance of the LIC Board.

  • Two bulls - SRD Dawson's Belvedere (90274) and Kingsmill PA Walesa (90281) - each achieve more than 1 million lifetime inseminations.
  • Herd test samples first used in national disease control.
  • LIC Artificial Breeding Technicians first use DataMATE - a handheld computer to record inseminations.
  • Caprogen Concentrate' field trialled.

  • Caprogen Concentrate' introduced.o All progeny test daughters confirmed to sire by DNA analysis.
  • CowPAD, (the electronic yellow notebook) is introduced - farm management software that runs on a small hand-held computer.
  • Animal Register replaced by the Animal Details Form.

  • For the first time semen is available to New Zealand dairy farmers from a small team of unproved crossbred bulls.
  • Breeding scheme for short gestation length bulls begins (first contract matings)
  • LIC is one of the first in the world to use marker assisted selection for milk production traits to pre-select bulls for the Sire Proving Scheme.

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