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 2000 - 2009

  • Holstein Friesian bull SRB Collin's Royal Hugo (96329) creates a world record being the youngest bull to achieve 500,000 inseminations.
  • Successful Y2K computer systems implementation.
  • For the first time frozen KiwiCrossTM (crossbred) semen is available.
  • KiwiCrossTM sires are, for the first time in New Zealand, progeny tested in LIC's Sire Proving Scheme.
  • Longevity Breeding Values supersede Survival Breeding Values.
  • Consulting Officer contract passed to Dexcel.
  • Calving Difficulty Breeding Values published for all artificial breeding sires.
  • 10 million milk samples analysed by National Milk Analysis Centre.
  • First LIC representative appointed in Australia.
  • Introduction and sales of semen from short gestation length bulls
  • For the first time, organic bovine semen (frozen) is made available to the New Zealand dairy industry.

  • A new record – more than 3 million inseminations conducted in one season.
  • Launch of Short Gestation Length progeny test programme.
  • Established Joint Venture in Ireland to promote and sell New Zealand grass-based genetics to Irish dairy farmers.
  • Cow Fertility Breeding Values published for all artificial breeding sires.
  • World-first - robotics used at Livestock Improvement’s National Milk Analysis Centre.
  • MINDAlink, free electronic herd recording software, released to farmers.
  • The Dairy Industry Restructuring Act 2001 is passed into Law making Livestock Improvement a user owned co-operative.
  • Dairy Industry (Herd Testing and New Zealand Dairy Core Database) Regulations 2001 come into force.
  • DataMate software extended to include control of inbreeding and single gene management.
  • First semen collected from Sire Proving Scheme bulls for proving in Australia in the 2002 season.
  • Liquid KiwiCrossTM semen used for progeny testing.

  • Livestock Improvement formally launched as user owned co- operative.
  • Two electronic herd management packages released - MINDApro and M-NOTE;
  • LIC wins Business Excellence Bronze Award.
  • 96329 SRB Collins Royal Hugo youngest bull in the world to surpass 1 million inseminations.
  • DataMate software includes management of recessive genes.
  • For the first time, AB Technician service averages 3,000+ inseminations per technician per year.
  • New Livestock Improvement base opened in Invercargill to service burgeoning South Island dairy industry.
  • Joint venture developed between ViaLactia and Livestock Improvement to further research into biotechnology.
  • Livestock Improvement licensed to commercialise first two boviQuest production gene discoveries, Optimum and Quantum.
  • Launch of new Tru-Parent (parentage verification) DNA testing service.
  • Testlink Analysis Network of laboratories (milk analysis, animal health and DNA opens at Hillcrest, Hamilton).
  • New Testlink laboratory accredited to ISO 17025.
  • Use of new DataMate software to optimise rostering of Premier Sires bulls to reduce inbreeding alarms.
  • Purchase majority shareholding Animal Breeding Services.
  • Development of Livestock Improvement’s own female reproductive technologies platform, Generate, starts. Involves Ovum Pick Up (OPU) and In Vitro Production of embryos (IVP).

  • Protrack Farm Automation Solutions launched.
  • Three independent Directors appointed to the Livestock Improvement Board of Directors.
  • Progeny testing programme launched in Australia including first crossbred progeny.
  • Leptosure animal health programme launched, in conjunction with NZ Veterinary Association, to promote vaccination to prevent the spread of Leptosporosis.
  • New website for rural children launched,
  • BoviQuest identifies a naturally occurring genetic defect in some cattle known as epidermolysis dermosa.
  • Shareholders vote in approval of new Dual Share structure.
  • Launch of subsidiary, Deer Improvement
  • Testlink South relocates into new purpose developed Herd Testing weigh station, milk analysis laboratory, artificial breeding deep freeze operations and distribution depot (Produce Place, Christchurch).

  • Livestock Improvement Investment Shares listed on Alternative Market of the New Zealand Exchange (NZAX) (19 April 2004).
  • Customate electronic bull selection programme launched, allowing farmers to identify and select bulls specific to desired breeding traits.
  • Two significant IT rationalisation projects completed delivering savings of more than $1 million per annum.
  • Holstein-Friesian Strain Trial comparing 1970s New Zealand Holstein-Friesian genetics with current day and US Holstein-Friesian genetics, completed.
  • Deer Improvement completes first artificial breeding deer mating season. Once-a-day Milking breeding index launched to rank and breed animals specifically suited to once-a-day milking.
  • First KiwiCross TM bulls named for Forward Pack Premier Sires team.

  • Mobility Breeding Value developed to help identify artificial breeding bulls whose progeny would more resistant to lameness.
  • EZ Link herd testing option, featuring barcoded flasks and a handheld barcode reader, trialed bringing a new era of ease to herd testing.
  • New Zealand Court of Appeal finds in favour of Livestock Improvement and the New Zealand Dairy Board in a case brought against them by the Concerned Dairymen’s Association (CDA), Levels Gentech and Brenco Livestock.
  • For the first time, Livestock Improvement revenue surpasses $100 million.
  • Team of Short Gestation Bulls released to the market.
  • Once-a-Day progeny test programme launched.
  • DNA parentage tests for deer and sheep developed and offered commercially for the first time.
  • New Zealand’s Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) disease status achieves international standards of freedom– thanks to an eradication programme managed by Livestock Improvement on behalf of the dairy industry.
  • Livestock Improvement Animal Health laboratory first commercial lab in NZ to be certified to carry out disease testing of animals destined for live export.
  • Livestock Improvement purchases majority share in NZ Genetics (Ireland).
  • Livestock Improvement achieves ‘Silver’ status business excellence.

  • Livestock Improvement purchases the intellectual property and assets of Australian company, OFE (On-Farm Electronics Pty Ltd).
  • Livestock Improvement shareholders adopt Dividend Reinvestment Plan.
  • GeneMark, in conjunction with Zee Tags, develops and releases innovative tissue sampler, called the DNA Punch.
  • Livestock Improvement Trace Solutions launches TRACKA website to help lifestyle block owners record and manage their animals.
  • Trace Solutions Beef – a software mob and animal recording programme based on MINDA – launched to the beef industry.
  • Collins Royal Hugo – Australasia’s most prolific AB bull –retired to the farm he was born on.
  • New innovative DNA-based test introduced for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD).
  • Genetic gain derived from Livestock Improvement’s bull teams put at $50 million or $15 per cow per cow.
  • New strategy announced widening company focus from dairy farming, to all species of farmed animals.
  • Livestock Improvement rebranded as LIC
  • LIC purchases 19.9% share of Tru-Test.

  • LIC purchases Australian engineering company, Northern Feed Systems.
  • 5000 dairy farmers using MINDApro.
  • MINDA launched for beef and deer industries.
  • Inaugural Once-a-Day Milking Conference held.
  • GeneMark Punch adapted to collect tissue samples for testing for the bovine disease, BVD.
  • Changes to legislation give farmers choice on the number of times they herd test within a 24 hour period.
  • Trials begin crossing Yaks with dairy cows, to see if the latter’s gestation length can be shortened
  • Investment in IVP (In Vitro Production) technology ceases and LIC sells the operating assets of Animal Breeding Services (ABS).
  • LIC set new record and in a world first process and dispatch more than 100,000 straws of dairy cattle semen in a single day.
  • LIC purchases FarmKeeper farm mapping program.
  • Sex Semen technology trials begin.
  • LIC purchases 2% of National Milk Records (NMR)in the United Kingdom.

  • LIC Protrack releases ‘draft only’ farm automation option.
  • DNA Proven semen launched
  • First KiwiCross bull, (Scotts Northsea), inducted to the LIC Hall of Fame.
  • First bull dam, Whinlea Kai Ebell, inducted to the LIC Hall of Fame.
  • LIC's new purpose-built collection facility for supply of semen to the EU approved.
  • LIC National Countil renamed LIC Shareholder Council
  • LIC removes compulsion for cooperative control shareholders to hold investment shares – max cap 5%
  • LIC introduced Voluntary Investment Scheme for shareholders and an Employee Share scheme for staff.

  • First shipments of DNA Selected semen sent to farmers in the UK and Ireland.
  • First cow in Ireland inseminated with semen from a bull whose elite status is identified from its DNA
  • LIC celebrates 100 years of herd testing. The first formal herd testing began in Dalefield in the Wairarapa in 1909 with 815 cows.
  • The first DNA Proven calf is born in New Zealand.
  • Fairmont Mint-Edition wins the New Zealand Holstein Friesian Association’s (NZHFA) Mahoe Trophy.
  • LIC delivers a record tax paid profit of $24.7 million for 2008/09 year. A dividend of $12.75 million goes to dairy farmer shareholders.
  • LIC Bred bulls dominate the Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list - 9 of the top 10 Holstein Friesian, 7 of the top 10 Jerseys and 9 of the top 10 crossbred bulls.

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