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Jersey Momentum Builds
28 Apr 2016

Farmers received the latest herd improvement intelligence on the Jersey breed and the return of top quality LIC Jersey bulls at an LIC Jersey Field Day in Te Aroha this morning.

More than 40 farmers turned out to the farm of Jersey breeders and dairy farm owners Roger and Glenys Ellison.

LIC’s Jersey bull acquisition manager Malcolm Ellis shared his knowledge about the Jersey breed’s efficiency, and the quality of the latest Jersey bulls in LIC’s Premier Sires teams. 

Emphasising he was passionate about Jerseys, Malcolm said he had no doubt they were the most efficient converters of pasture to milk solids (MS). “One of the reasons we’re going to continue to make high levels of genetic gain to contribute to the industry is because there’s fierce competition between the breeds at LIC,” he said. 

LIC has the top bulls across all breeds at present on the industry’s Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) lists – Holstein Friesians, KiwiCross and Jerseys.

Malcolm explained that quality LIC Jersey bulls had bounded back to the top of the Jersey RAS list in recent times after a lot of hard work over the past five years. “These are phenomenal bulls. LIC has been involved in this, and the breeders we work with, but at the end of the day these are your bulls - as LIC shareholders.”

Malcolm said the strong performance of the Jersey bulls on the RAS list should give confidence to those farmers who had moved away from Jerseys that it was potentially worth coming back. “It should also give confidence to those who moved away from the co-operative that potentially you want to go back to the ease of delivery of Premier Sires, with the technician services that goes with it.”

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