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LIC’s Hereford SGL Breeding Programme about to get another shot in the arm
02 Jun 2016

Annual Embryo Transfer (ET) activity is about to get underway in LIC’s SGL Hereford programme. These 3 super stars are absolute top Hereford SGL genetics in New Zealand. They are owned by LIC’s partners in this space, Shrimpton’s Hill Herefords - home of NZ’s premier Short Gestation Genetics. All 3 of these individuals were themselves born through the use of ET technology with their births being recorded 25-30 days ahead of due date.

LIC’s SGL Breeding Scheme manager Malcolm Ellis reports that the future of the breeding programme is in very good hands.

“One should not underestimate the value these 3 exceptional females will bring to the scheme’s future progress. I salute John and Liz McKerchar of Shrimpton’s Hill Herefords for the significant contribution their breeding stock are making to the quality of what we can offer our shareholders in this very exciting space.”

In 2016 for the first time farmers will have access to SGL Hereford via fresh semen delivery as LIC looks to round out the picture by making this exciting product super accessible and convenient.



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