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Positive reaction to online technology solution
23 Aug 2016


Farmer Ross Crabb talking to representatives from LIC.

We’ve received some very positive feedback from the group of farmers involved in trialling the online technology tool being developed by Fonterra and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC).

The aim is to look at the best way to bring together a farmer’s milk production and quality data, herd data, pasture data, local weather forecasts and more into one easy-to-use online portal.

We are trialling the tool with a group of 50 farmers to get their feedback on how the system works and what information they would like to be included.

Waikato farmer Ross Crabb is one of those taking part in the trial and says having all his data in one place, also available on his mobile phone, will be a real advantage. “The speed of the information is key, so one of the best things is that it’s all there in one place, on one page, and you can quickly look through to find what you want to know without having to log in to different sites.”

One of the main benefits for farmers is that they can choose what information they want and how it is displayed on their screen. Ross says this is one of the most appealing features. “Every farmer gets up in the morning and they’re looking for certain things. Every farmer is different, so to be able to get the information you always look for at your fingertips makes the technology really useful. There is a menu of different information sources and you can pick which ones you want on your screen. The ability to drag and drop the panels means each of us can decide what our screen looks like and where our information is shown. I also like the fact that you can set individual limits and get alerts on things like your Somatic Cell Count.”

The system aims to leverage the existing tools that farmers are using to deliver additional value. We have had a strong response from interested business partners who see it as a way to deliver value to their customers. The farmers on the trial are also telling us what data sources they use so we can talk to these providers about being part of the project.

One of the main partners helping to develop the online solution is Figured, a company founded by farmers, for farmers. Figured provides ‘real time’ budgeting tools that work hand-in-hand with Xero accounting software.


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