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The Reproduction research team, led by Zhenzhong Xu, aims to deliver bovine reproduction research and Artificial Breeding (AB) systems to make farming easier and more profitable.

Genetic improvement in dairy cattle is heavily underpinned by an efficient AB system that maximises utilisation of the few elite sires.

This is exemplified by the liquid semen technology developed through the pioneering research by Pat Shannon and colleagues in the 1980s.

A large part of the group’s research effort is still focused on liquid semen. In the short term, we are working on process improvements to make the current liquid semen system more robust. In the long term, we are conducting fundamental research to understand sperm biology under liquid storage, with the aim to further improve our liquid semen system.

The group also supports the development of new products and services, such as sexed semen and automated oestrus detection. In addition, the group has a role to play in delivering the reproduction solutions on farm.

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