Tech Update

Tech Update


Date Time Product What's Happening? What do I need to do?
17/02/17 10pm MINDA LIVE & MINDApro

On Friday 17th February 10pm until Saturday 18th February at about midday, we will be loading a full all trait AE run including an Economic Value Update. Economic values are updated routinely in February each year, ensuring that BW remains relevant in an ever-changing market environment. Please find more information on the AEU site 

During this time you will be unable to or access MINDA LIVE or synchronise MINDApro. Please wait until it is completed to do so. 
10/02/17 10am Member Services

Customers accessing Member Services using Google Chrome may receive a warning as below. 

Error Message

We are currently working on this issue and have a resolution plan in place, however this may take up to 2 weeks to implement.

NOTE: Your data is still secure and protected, this is a pre-emptive warning from the web browser that the security level is not at the highest standard.

Option 1 (Preference):
Use either Internet Explorer (preferred) or Firefox to access Member Services

Option 2:
If you would like to continue to use Chrome, you can select the Advanced link (highlighted yellow) at the bottom left of the warning message.

  • This will then display an additional paragraph of text with another link below at the bottom of the paragraph which will read ‘Proceed to (unsafe)’ 
  • If you click this link, you will be able to continue to the regular member services page and log in successfully.
  • Once logged in, you may see a red X or ‘Not Secure’ in the top left corner however please note the site is secure and data is protected.


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